AVO sign second commercial deal with China-Japan Union Hospital

Published: 16 November 2015

Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), the developer of next-generation proton therapy systems for cancer treatment, has announced the sale of its LIGHT machine from the China-Japan Union Hospital of Jilin University, through its partnership with Sinophi Healthcare Limited.

The China-Japan Union Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in north-east China, with more than 3,300 beds, and is located in Changchun, Jilin Province. The purchase order, worth between $75 million - $80 million, relates to a single LIGHT system to be installed at the heart of a facility housing five treatment rooms.

The deal was formalised during the recent Chinese State Visit to the United Kingdom, where Sinophi Healthcare Chairman Simon MacKinnon and Chief Operating Officer Gong Yongqiang met with China’s President Xi and Prime Minister Cameron. The signing ceremony was witnessed by the UK Minister of State for Life Sciences Mr George Freeman MP. Sinophi Healthcare’s Dr Hanif Kanji, Chief Executive, and Professor Zhao GuoQing, President of the China-Japan Union Hospital of Jilin University all signed the deal to build a Sinophi Proton Centre at the hospital.  

Gong Yongqiang, COO of Sinophi Healthcare Ltd, commented: “It was a great honour for Sinophi to meet the national leaders and to have their support for our £800 million of hospital investments in China focused on oncology and treating cancer.  The Sinophi Proton Centre projects with top AAA hospitals in Beijing, Changchun, Fuzhou, Huai’an, Luoyang and Nanjing will make proton therapy more affordable and widely available to cancer patients. With our Chinese hospital partners we are bringing together the best of Chinese oncology and radiotherapy expertise with the next generation of proton therapy equipment from the UK to benefit all patients”