Countdown to the ‘Smart Cities: Innovation through Collaboration’ launch

Published: 13 June 2016

Senate Publishing, in partnership with the Hypercat Alliance, begins the countdown today to the highly anticipated Hypercat Summit, being held at London’s Royal Festival Hall on Monday 20 June, and the launch of the official event publication, Smart Cities: Innovation through Collaboration

Featuring high-level contributions from the UK Prime Minister David Cameron, Innovate UK CEO Ruth McKernan, Hypercat Alliance Advisory Board chair Lord Erroll and Hypercat founding director, Justin Anderson, the publication brings together valuable insights into the smart cities revolution from key stakeholders and industry experts.

Previews of Smart Cities: Innovation through Collaboration will be available online ahead of the publication's launch at the Hypercat Summit, which gathers leading smart thinkers – including government ministers, FTSE100 leaders, IoT entrepreneurs, and innovators – from more than 40 countries to discuss and debate how technology can solve global challenges and transform industry.

Lord David Evans, chairman of Senate Publishing, is delighted to be one of the summit hosts. He comments: "Our new publication, 'Smart Cities: Innovation through Collaboration’, highlights the essential ingredients of the next industrial revolution that will fundamentally change the ways in which we work, live and manage our society. Launching at the Hypercat Summit in London on 20 June, the publication explains the methodology and consequences of this incredible change to most of the things we take for granted. It is a must-read for everyone involved with the world of work, communications, housing, security, transport – just about everything that influences our daily lives."

Follow Senate Publishing on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date with our #SmartITC launch campaign. Smart Cities: Innovation through Collaboration will be released digitally in full on Monday 20 June and will be available here.