Nanjing hospital officials visit parliament following AVO plc commerical deal

Published: 18 November 2015

Lord David Evans, chairman of Senate Publishing hosted a delegation of 18 officials from Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital at parliament on the Wednesday 21st October. Hosting in his capacity as AVO plc’s chairman, the visit follows Sinophi’s announcement of Framework Agreements to build four Proton Centres equipped with the AVO LIGHT system in China.

Party Secretary of the Nanjing Region Huang Lixin headed the delegation, which included top Chinese Oncologists and the heads of Nanjing’s regional health administration, as well as AVO’s representatives in the PRC.

The Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital is affiliated with the Nanjing University Medical School in Jiangsu Province and counts 1460 beds and serves a region of 8.1 million people.