Smart Cities Summit (WICS)

Published: 11 December 2014

The 2014 World Intelligent Cities Summit (WICS) began with a keynote address from Chairman Lord David Evans and CEO Caroline Minshell. Held in Istanbul, the annual summit brings together senior figures from industry, academia and government working in the field of 'intelligent' or 'smart' cities. 

The speech focused on the social benefits, economic impact and cybersecurity issues associated with the development of efficient cities to cope with rising urban populations worldwide. The presentation also highlighted Senate Publishing’s initiatives in the arena of smart cities and extended an invitation to interested parties to form collaborative partnerships on future projects.

Highlighting the myriad benefits of developing smart cities, Lord Evans said: "By increasing efficiency and harnessing and managing every available resource, from solar energy to local entrepreneurs, smart cities can be the springboards to a bright, innovative future."

As well as speaking at the event, Caroline Minshell also acted as moderator for a business-leaders' panel session, titled 'The Vision towards Intelligent Cities'. Lord Evans was also honoured by the summit organisers with an award in recognition of his "contribution to the field of intelligent cities." 

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