Healthcare In London 5th

Healthcare in London focuses on the benefits for overseas patients in visiting London for their medical treatment – from the expertise, specialist treatments, and technology available to private patients, to the appeal of the capital’s top-quality hotels and leisure attractions. This luxury hardback publication highlights the concentration of medical expertise and facilities in London, providing the ideal platform for the capital’s hospitals, clinics, and practitioners to promote their services to a readership of high net-worth individuals and referring physicians.

Targeted distribution to key international territories will ensure that Healthcare in London reaches patients and practitioners with the most interest in finding the highest-quality medical care abroad.

Healthcare in London is also digitally distributed to over 50,000 high-net-worth individuals in and around the Greater London area, offering a valuable opportunity to reach this home and abroad high-value audience directly and will be instrumental in helping London’s medical sector to secure the best possible share of the rapidly expanding global market for medical tourism.



Healthcare In London 5th

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