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Smart Cities: Innovation through Collaboration

Senate Publishing’s Smart Cities: Innovation through Collaboration highlights the emergence of Smart Cities, reveals why so many governments are investing in them, and showcases the technology that underpins the concept. Supported by the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), along with Innovate UK and the Hypercat Alliance, it is an essential guide for everyone involved in the development of Smart City projects, strategies and visions.

Using real examples of Smart City projects in the UK and across the world, our technology writers, together with leading Smart City experts, describe how the evolution of Smart Cities relies on dynamic leadership, a complex mixture of public and private investment, continuous digital innovation and, most importantly, citizens themselves. Each major Smart City sector - buildings, energy, citizen engagement, health, safety/security and transport - is examined to reveal where the industry is heading and who the major players are.

We show how Smart Cities are transforming the way we live by gathering, analysing and employing digital data to improve the daily operations and activities within the city. The publication also explains how the Hypercat digital catalogue system is enhancing the security and interoperability of the Internet of Things (IoT), and thereby helping to drive the collaborative development of Smart City applications, services and processes.

The launch at the Hypercat Summit

The Hypercat Summit took place at the Royal Festival Hall, London on the evening of 20th June. It was built around an exciting debate exploring how technology is transforming the way we live, move and work. The Summit was hosted by Lord Merlin Erroll, Lord David Evans, Lord Toby Harris, Lord James Arbuthnot and Justin Anderson. It convened over 2,000 smart thinkers from across Europe, with an inspiring set of government and industry leaders on stage including Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands, Bettina Tratz-Ryan, Victoria Hills and Mike Rann. Find out more at 

Hypercat is a consortium and standard driving a secure and interoperable Internet of Things for Industry and cities (


Smart Cities

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